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Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation

The Finneytown Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame began in 1991. Our Hall of Fame is unique in which all Alumni and Staff/Administration are eligible. 
The Finneytown Hall of Fame has been established to recognize outstanding alumni, merit faculty and staff, and community members in the following areas: 
  • Athletics
  • Performing and Visual Arts
  • Career Achievement
  • Contributions to school community
  • Service Contributions
  • Living Legends
  • In Memoriam
Criteria to be considered when making a nomination include:
  • Exemplary achievements while at Finneytown;
  • Unselfish dedication to the Finneytown school community;
  • Length and/or degree of service to the district;
  • Exemplary post-high school/career activities and/or achievements.
Finneytown Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Requirements for nominees also will be judged on their significant contributions to the Finneytown school community. 

Any person who is properly nominated but not selected to the Finneytown Hall of Fame shall remain on the list of eligible nominees for 5 years without having to be re-nominated each year.

Name of Nominee
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Years Attended
Honor's and Recognitions (while at Finneytown and in career)
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