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The Pride Project

The Finneytown Pride Project was started in 2002 by a small group of parents who saw the need for improvements at the High School & Middle School campus. These improvements were not in the budget, so the parents approached the Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation to see if the Foundation would be interested in supporting our project.

In December of 2002 the Foundation Board approved the selection of the architectural firm of Steed, Hammond & Paul. In May of 2003 the Foundation Board committed to $100,000 per year for 5 years towards the project. In August of 2003 the Finneytown School Board approved the initial plans for a new track, fencing and stadium entrance. After a competitive bidding process, the construction firm of Kramer & Feldman was selected as General Contractor. Work commenced in April of 2004 and continued through the summer of 2004. Phase I of the project was essentially complete by fall of 2004. Work began on the Performing Arts Center in December of 2004 with the installation of new carpeting in the Lobby. This was followed by in the installation of a new Sound System. A few months later all of the Stage Curtains were replaced. This completed Phase II. Teachers in the Science Department made preliminary plans and requests for the various Science Labs and rooms in 2003, in preparation for Phase III. These plans were reviewed in the Spring of 2005 by our Architect, Larry Pyle. Electronic drawings of our existing infrastructure were procured over the Summer of 2005 so that Design work could begin.

Improvements to the McNulty Stadium were included in the tax levy, which was defeated by the voters some years ago. After a series of community focus group meetings, these funds were dropped from the request, and the 2nd Capital Improvement levy was offered and passed. As a result, only minor expenditures have been made available from the district budget for stadium improvements. Recent levy issues have addressed the need for capital improvements in the Elementary Schools as well.

However, other than the main Secondary Campus expansion of connecting the high school and middle school, many areas of this campus still need refurbishment. In 2003 the Finneytown Foundation became aware of the need for new lights at McNulty stadium. The supports for the existing stadium lights had deteriorated, posing a possible safety issue. The Foundation decided at that time to take on the project, and new lights were installed.

After the new stadium light project was completed, the Finneytown Pride committee was formed and continues to investigate the needs of the district. Their mission continues with a comprehensive action plan to bring the Main Campus up to a level equal to similar school districts in the area.


The timing of the projects is largely driven by the success of our fundraising initiative. The faster funds are raised, the sooner each project phase may begin and be completed. With the onset of social media, it has become that much easier to support and donate to the PRIDE PROJECT. The William F. Shwartzel Performing Arts Center seating and stage Renovations were completed in Fall of 2013. The initial PAC Center improvements were completed in Spring of 2005. The Track and Stadium Renovations were completed in the Fall of 2004.

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