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Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation

Scholarships administered by the Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation

The Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation administers many different scholarships for graduating seniors of the Finneytown Local Schools.

Scholarship funds from the Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation annually provide over $50,000 of educational aid for students at institutions of higher learning. Each donor or group of donors determines the conditions for which the scholarships are awarded. The diversity of eligibility criteria reflects the variety of impulses, which motivate donors to create or support scholarship funds.

Donors may establish scholarship funds in honor or in memory of loved ones and may determine a criterion that best fits their wishes. Please see the sidebar to the right for more information.

Preston Eckerle Morrison Memorial Scholarship

The P.E.M Scholarship was established to honor the memories of our classmates Stephan Preston, Jackie Eckerle, and Karen Morrison whom we lost in 1979 while attending a concert. The 3 annual awards are given to Finneytown seniors who are seeking a degree, minor or major, in the Arts field.

Richard C. Payne Memorial Scholarship

The Richard C. Payne Scholarship was created in honor and memory of the life of our husband, father and grandfather. Dick Payne was the first in his family to attend and graduate from college (Bowling Green State University). The importance of education in one's life was very important to him - and his wife Patty Payne. It's a daily lesson and habit well shared with their family and friends. This scholarship is designated for a successful academic student who will be the first in her/his family to attend college.

Philip Wiant Memorial Scholarship

Philip Wiant was a 1998 Finneytown High School graduate. He is remembered for his kindness, generosity, humor, and courage. Upon his sudden passing in 2002, the Philip R. Wiant Memorial Fund was established so that others lives would be enhanced. In his honor, we reach out to others so that a person's life is a little easier; less of a struggle, a bit happier. These scholarships have been awarded to incoming freshmen to the University of Cincinnati since 2002.

Kevin Burgess Memorial Scholarship

The Kevin Burgess Scholarship was established in memory of Kevin Burgess, a 1991 graduate of Finneytown High School. The recipient of this award is someone who has participated in both music and athletics, exhibits a friendly and positive attitude and is well respected by the other students and the faculty.

Jeff Weiser Memorial Scholarship

The Weiser family created this scholarship to honor Jeff Weiser, a 1979 graduate of Finneytown High School. This scholarship is awarded to someone who is a high achieving student and is planning on pursuing a four-year degree at a university.

Cindy Weiser Memorial Scholarship

The Weiser family created this scholarship to honor Cindy Weiser, a 1982 graduate of Finneytown High School. This scholarship is awarded to someone who is a high achieving student and is planning on pursuing a four year degree at a university.

Eugene M. and Sally R. Sallee Education Scholarship

The Eugene and Sally Education Scholarship was created to honor the life and influence of these two individuals who dedicated their lives educating and helping others as volunteers. The lesson that they shared was: “You will lead a happy life if you make sure to always do something for others that earns you no pay.”

Marion Ficke Memorial Scholarship

The Ficke family has established this scholarship to honor the life of long time Finneytown resident, Marion Ficke, by providing financial assistance to a member of the graduating class who in interested in pursuing a teaching career.

Seith Family Foundation Scholarship

The Seith family offers this scholarship for a student who has a model moral character, is honest in all aspects of his/her school and social life and plans to pursue a major in math, engineering or physics.

The FHS Founders Scholarship Fund

The Finneytown High School Founders Fund was created to recognize a child or grandchild of a current or retired teacher or staff member of the Finneytown school district. This award is given to a well-rounded student who is active in school and service related activities.

Donna C. Hoffman Education Scholarship

The Donna C. Hoffman Education Scholarship was created to honor the life and influence of long time Finneytown educator Donna Hoffman. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Miami University and her Master’s degree from Xavier University. This scholarship recognizes a student who has a positive influence on his or her community, accepts people for who they are and shows a passion for life.

 Finneytown Performing Arts Merit Scholarship

Established by Burt McCollom, former theatre teacher, the Finneytown Performing Arts Merit Scholarship is looking for applicants who have been part of a performance or technical crew for a minimum of three (3) Finneytown High School drama, musical or concert productions by recognizing students who have demonstrated humane attitudes, superior design, and performing records and who have proven their potential for significant contribution to the arts and humanities of the Finneytown Local School District.

This scholarship recognizes a graduating senior who exemplifies the objectives of the Finneytown Performing Arts.

Consideration will be given to a senior who has proven himself or herself over an extended period of time through consistently striving for self-improvement, exhibits an “ensemble” rather than an “individual” approach to the arts, including but not limited to visual arts, music, dance, and performing arts. The student must not have yet received any major award and must demonstrate need and have excelled in their artistic endeavors with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale).

This award is an individual $500.00 one-time scholarship.

The applicant must submit the following:

  • A formal scholarship application from the Finneytown High School Guidance Office;
  • A performing arts resume;
  • A statement of qualification answering this question: "Reflect on/react to: 'How did your participation in the Finneytown High School Performing Arts affect your Fineytown high school career and education or quality of life?"
  • Recommendation letter from a present or former member of the Finneytown staff (can include a non-teaching staff member). 

How to Set-up a Scholarship

If you wish to establish a scholarship, contact the Finneytown High School Guidance Office at (513) 728-3711.  The office will then work with the Foundation. Scholarship funds must be maintained through the Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation, Inc. in order to qualify for tax-deduction purposes.

When setting up a scholarship fund, donors must:

  1. Who will choose the recipient (FHS Scholarship Committee or Individual/Family)?
  2. Will the scholarship be annual, one-time, or set amount until entire amount is depleted?
  3. Dollar amount of the awarded scholarship.
  4. How many recipients?
  5. What is the criteria for the scholarship?  
    1. Will the award support only students from or going into a particular field of study?
    2. Will the award be determined based on merit only, financial need only, or a combination of the two criteria? The establishing party may specify any criteria for the award.
    3. Will there need to be supplemental materials that must be submitted? i.e. an essay answering a question established by the awarding party?
NOTE: Student applicants need to apply for scholarships through the Secondary Campus Counseling Office. 


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