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Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation
Message from the President

The Finneytown Schools Educational Foundation, Inc. is proud to recognize our very generous donors who have provided significant additional funding for our schools and programs. Every donation, large or small, is critically important to our mission of supporting our schools in the areas of academics, technology, and student activities. Over $1 million in donated funds have been dedicated to our schools since the founding of the Education Foundation in 1986.

Every dollar provides increased support in our schools and our classrooms including new technologies, track and stadium facilities, community service programs, classroom supplies, individual teacher requested mini-grants, science labs, and performing arts center; the list goes on and on.

We are proud to receive donations that immediately go to work in our school district. Additionally, we are not providing opportunities for long-term giving through endowments and other giving options. Help us to continue to celebrate the exceptional opportunities provided by our school district. We again thank each of you as donors and investors in the future of our children, our schools and our community.

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